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Our Policy Regarding Dental Insurance

Our team is happy to file your claim for you if all your insurance information is accurate on the day of your appointment. We file insurance claims within 24 hours following your appointment so your insurance company receives each claim within days of treatment. Co-payments (including state of Hawaii GET Tax) will be collected on the day of service.

  • Understanding your Insurance – You must be familiar with your insurance benefits because we will collect from you the estimated amount insurance is not expected to pay. By law your insurance company is required to pay each claim within 30 days of receipt.
  • We try to get accurate information about insurance and coverage before treatment, but we cannot be sure what the insurance company will pay, if anything, until the claim is submitted and the insurance company actually pays on the claim.
  • Patients are responsible for any balance on their account after 30 days, whether insurance has paid or not. If you have not paid your balance within 30 days a re-billing fee of 1.5% will be added to your account each month until paid. We will be happy to send you a refund once your insurance pays us.

Helpful Facts About Insurance

  • No insurance pays 100% of all procedures – Dental insurance is meant to be an aid in receiving dental care. Many patients think that their insurance pays 90%-100% of all dental fees. This is not true. Most plans pay between 50%-80% of the average total fee. Some pay more, some pay less. The percentage paid is usually determined by how much you or your employer has paid for coverage, or the type of contract your employer has set up with the insurance company.
  • Benefits are not determined by our office – Insurance companies set their own fee schedules, and each company uses a different set of fees they consider allowable. These allowable fees vary widely because each insurance company collects fee information from claims it processes. The insurance company then takes this data and arbitrarily chooses a level they call the “allowable” usual, customary, or reasonable “UCR” fee.
  • Employer-sponsored insurance is a contract between yourself and your employer. We are your service providers.

We participate with the following insurance providers: 

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • Delta Dental
  • GEHA
  • Hawaii Dental Service (HDS)
  • Hawaii Medical Services Association (HMSA)
  • Hawaii Medical Assurance Association (HMAA)
  • Humana
  • Metlife
  • Medicaid
  • Tricare
  • United Healthcare
  • United Concordia
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