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Is my procedure going to hurt?

Your comfort is crucial to us at Hawaiian Island Dental! We understand your concerns and will do everything to ensure that you have a pain-free, stress-free procedure.

Experience counts for a lot in dentistry, and Dr. Jaurequi has been practicing for over 25 years. He is very gentle when delivering your anesthesia and will ensure that you don't feel any discomfort during your procedure. Once your tooth is numb, you shouldn’t feel anything except for some light pressure.

Nitrous Oxide to Soothe Your Anxiety

We are also pleased to offer nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, to help you relax through your treatment. Nitrous oxide is perfectly safe and strong enough to produce pleasant effects but so mild that it's safe to use for children.

With nitrous, you’ll remain fully awake and won’t go to sleep during your procedure. However, you’ll feel very drowsy and dreamy, and the sights and sounds around you will fade into the background.

Our busy patients really appreciate that using nitrous has no lingering drowsy side effects. They can have their treatment, then go back to their usual daily routine.

We Offer Comfort Dentistry in Lihue, HI

At Hawaiian Island Dental, we do everything we can to provide you with a comfortable experience. With a friendly, caring dental team, a dentist with decades of experience, and calming nitrous oxide, you can be assured of relaxing, stress-free treatment.

We are also pleased to serve the communities of Kapa'a, Koloa, Kalaheo, Waimea, Kekaha, Princeville, Hanalei, and surrounding areas.

Please call us if you have questions or to schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Jaurequi.

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